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A Toy Library is a community resource where parents or carers become members and can borrow toys, puzzles or games designed to support child development and promote learning through play. Children and carers can visit the library during operating hours, select the items they wish to borrow and take them home for one or two weeks. For a minimal cost, Toy Library members have resources at their disposal to assist in educating and entertaining their children.

The perceived benefits of the Toy Library service include:

  • Access to an extensive library of learning resources and high cost toys
  • Provision of puzzles, games and resources that assist in school readiness and extended learning
  • Environmentally sustainable reuse of toys
  • Opportunity to try before buying, thus ensuring successful toy purchases

The service model differs from a regular library in that:

  • A membership fee is required to join to cover the cost of insurance and recurrent operating expenses
  • Members are able to contribute their time by volunteering in the library on a roster basis and assist in fundraising activities
  • The Toy Library is a grassroots volunteer based movement that operates out of Council owned facilities and forms a Council supported community service

The Toy Library is available particularly to those living in Botanic Ridge, Cranbourne, Cranbourne East, Cranbourne North, Cranbourne West, Junction Village, Clyde, Clyde North, Cranbourne South, Devon Meadows, Lynbrook and Lyndhurst.

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